133 Happy Birthday Wishes to my Son with Fun Images

“You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” – Wally Schirr

In most cultures, a son is seen as a very special gift. They are the ones who will ensure that the family name is carried forward into the world. Even though daughters are special too, the sons in the family are often given a higher status especially if they are the eldest.

For this reason, many would make sure that their birthdays are made special as well.

It is therefore valuable to provide them with a way of giving the best birthday wishes for son. Saying happy birthday to anyone is a gift, but to your son, it would mean a lot. It would certainly make him feel valued and loved. Birthdays only come once a year, and it is, therefore, important to make it a special day, especially for your son.

The type of gift you give and the type of celebration will also depend entirely on what his age would be on the day.

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Son

You are a treasure from above, who brings me so much joy and love. Happy birthday son!

You will always be my sunshine, my little angel. Your mother loves you so much! Happy birthday son from mom!

Have a happy and healthy birthday my dear son! Hope your day is as wonderful as you are.

You are my pride and joy, a man after my own heart. Happy birthday son!

Happy birthday my precious son! You are loved, today, tomorrow and always.

You make each year brighter and you continue to illuminate our lives with your smile and your kind heart. Happy birthday my son!

Thank you for being such a great son. I am truly proud of you. Happy birthday!

My love and adoration for you is endless, you will be forever cherished. Happy birthday my son!

We may not be perfect parents but we are lucky to have a perfect son. Happy birthday son!

Birthday Wishes for Son from Mother or Mom

Happy birthday, buddy! You make me proud, and you make my role as your mom the easiest thing to do!

You, my son, are a true rock star. Happy birthday, I hope you get everything you dreamt of!

Happy birthday to the boy who makes my days brighter and my nerves thinner! Love, mom!

Happy birthday my angel! Being your mom is my favorite thing to do!

Happy Birthday, My Baby Boy! You are my first love, my perfect baby boy, and my biggest achievement as a mom!

To my son, who made me the happiest mom on Earth – Happy birthday, you are one in a million!

Years ago on this day, I saw your sweet face for the first time and I was in love! Happy birthday, my boy!

Happy birthday, son! As your mom, I’ll always have your back. I love you no matter what!

Happy birthday, my son! You made me the mother of my dreams, and I love you to death!

Happy Birthday to the boy who likes dinosaurs, fast cars and lollipops! You make me one lucky mamma!

You gave my life a purpose when I needed it the most! Happy birthday my son, your momma loves you dearly!

Funny Birthday Wishes for a Son

“Old is in the eye of the beholder.” That’s why it’s getting difficult to read.

No one holds a candle to you on your birthday. That’s because you’re probably already hot from all the candles on your cake.

Stop having so many birthdays! Seriously, each year it gets more difficult to find you a gift.

Who ever decided to celebrate birthdays must have been young.

Wow! Look at you, adulting all over the place.

I’ve decided to switch my vote from the (Republican/Democratic) party to your birthday party.

I would go the distance for you, even if it means checking up on you at 3 am! Happy birthday, son!

Don’t let anyone tell you that you are old, especially if you can hear them say it without having to read lips.

Your birthday should be a national holiday. I’ll be the first to volunteer to take a day off work in your honor.

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son

Behold how good and how pleasant it is to live another year in righteousness.

May you be eternally blessed and have your faith only strengthen in the years to come.

Son, it is another year, another opportunity to be more and a bigger platform for excellence. May you take hold of this and do exploits.

Hope your birthday is one of blessing, joy, peace, and love that satisfies the soul.

May your birthday become an occasion to cherish the happy memories. Happy Birthday Son.

I am grateful for the gift of a son like you. Today as you add another year, I pray you grow stronger and wiser and more mature.

May you find joy as you always give me joy in my life. Happy birthday, my son.

Happy Birthday son! Indeed, the world awaits your manifestation even as you continue to grow. May your life continue to be a pleasant surprise.

We were all blessed on the day you were born.

Your soul is precious to me and I wish you every blessing on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Son from Dad

As you enjoy your cake this birthday, I want you to know that you are the most beautiful gift in my life! I wish you a very happy birthday and a great new year in your life!

Our beloved son, thank you for bringing a smile to our face every day. We hope that your birthday will bring a smile to yours as well! Happy Birthday!

I wish that your soul prospers even as your number in years increase. You are a divine project. Happy birthday, my son.

Dear son, as you blow the candle in your cake, always remember that your love is like a candle that will forever burn in our hearts. Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday son! You will always have a piece of my heart. I love you!

With love and best wishes to the best son in the world! Happy Birthday!

My dear son, today is the best day to celebrate you! Wishing you a very happy and amazing birthday!

Today we celebrate the joy you give us and the blessing that you are.

Sons like you must be called “suns”, since you literally bring sunshine into our lives. Happy Birthday!

Dear son, happy birthday! No matter how big you grow, you will always be my sweet little boy!

You are the one reason I smile every day of my life. Wishing you an amazing birthday that brings more happiness and prosperity into your life!

How to give your Son the best Birthday of his life

For the younger ones, it will be a wonderful idea to have a theme party. Some themes might include a dinosaur theme, Micky Mouse theme, or any other character boys might identify with. For the older ones, such as the pre-teens or teens, you might still get away with a theme of characters from cartoons or movies as well.

Parties should be planned carefully at each stage of their lives, as children change as they get older. It is important, for example, to know when to stop inviting girls to the parties, or when to start inviting them again.

What children wear at different ages is also important. Teenagers, especially boys (sons) would need the latest fashion. This is especially important for the teenage birthday boy at his party. Keep your ear on the ground to know what he would like to do for his birthday.

Apart from asking him outright, you might listen in on his everyday conversation to get some ideas. The same would apply to what he might be interested in as a birthday gift. It would definitely be a surprise even though it is what he wanted as he might not expect it.

A surprise party to give the birthday boy’s best birthday wishes for son are tried and tested winners. A surprise party will work well with an older son who would never expect it. The younger ones are a bit too nosey and will sniff out your surprise.

The party may be a costume party for older teens and young adults and do not fro get that a cake is always a winner as well, especially a novelty cake.

Make your son’s birthday special by making him part of planning the party. This will make it as special as well as be a part of the birthday wishes for son. Together you can create a gift list for the guests to make the celebration more interesting. A karaoke party is a novel idea for older teens and young adult sons.

Most importantly, the birthday boy should have a say in the matter for you to give him the best birthday wishes for his son. It is important to know your son well so that you know what they like and don’t like. This will make the planning of any party easier.

Cars are important to sons and a day at the motor races could be an option as well. The younger boys love cars too, and this might interest them too.

You could arrange outings for your son’s birthday, such as paintball fights. Outings such as camping can serve all ages from ten years old and up. You could invite girls depending on the age of your son and his group. The same applies to a pool party.

This is a brilliant idea for any of the age groups. This can also be a fun family day but remember it is the birthday that should be the focus.

If your son is of age, you might want to have a more adult party – perhaps a restaurant dinner or a formal dinner at home. The main idea is for your son to have fun at the event and have the best birthday wishes for son.

The best Birthday Wishes for Son

One of the best birthday wishes for son is to choose a card with the best wording to wish them. Here are some quotes you could use to create your wishes for your son.

“Happy birthday wishes to a very special boy. You are a joy to have around. God bless you.”

“This is your birthday. We hope that you will enjoy every moment of this day. Be blessed.”

“Remember, you are older now, but I hope you will still be my snuggle bunny. Love you lots.”

“Happy birthday to the most precious gift on earth – our son. Stay as funny and wise as you are.”

“Today you have stepped into the world of teens. Thank you for still being our levelheaded boy. Happy birthday.”

“Be bold, be strong, you are the little man of the house. Happy birthday to the kindest young man around.”

“You are our gift. We love your smile, your laughter, and the hope you have in you. Be blessed on your birthday today.”

“We hope you have fun today more than any other day. Have a blessed day on this, your birthday.”

“You are our son and a gift from God. We hope you will enjoy today, surrounded by friends and family. Happy birthday.”

“A son was born to us on this day. Happy birthday to the sunshine of our lives.”

“Today we celebrate your birthday. You have grown into a handsome young man. Happy birthday.”

“You make us laugh with your antics. You make us tear-up with joy. You are our son. Happy birthday.”

“You have grown so tall. Hope your birthday is fun. have a happy birthday.”

“You are a gift to us – even on your birthday. Best wishes to you.”

“Today, we wish you the best birthday a young man can have.”

“Happy smiles on this day that you were born. Happy birthday wishes to you.”

“You are a gift to us every day but even more so on your birthday. Happy birthday.”

“You are a blessing to us. Have a blessed day.”

“There is a boy who is our son. We love you very much. Happiness on your birthday.”

“A blessed day for a blessed son on his birthday.”

“God bless you on your birthday dear son.”

How can I say happy birthday to my son?

Happy birthday wishes for son is so important. It is the day to wish him well and make him aware of what he means to you. There are many ways to wish him well on his birthday and you could find some of those wishes here. These quotes will help you along.

“Happy birthday to my young boy. Have a blessed day.”

“Happy birthday young man. Thank you for being the man you are becoming.”

“Many happy returns on this wonderful birthday of the most generous young man in our lives.”

“We are happy to celebrate another year with you, our son. You are a blessing to us. Happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday, son. We love you and are blessed to have another year with you.”

“You are a gentleman par excellence. We could not have asked for a better son. God bless you on your birthday.”

“The happiest day was when my son was born. Happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday to my firstborn son. I pray that you have a blessed day.”

“You are a strong and courageous young man. Above all, you are my son Happy birthday.”

“The Lord blessed us with a special son. Happy birthday.”

“You were born to us on this special day. May you have a happy day today.”

“A son is a special gift from the Lord. Have a happy birthday.”

“You have grown so much. We are grateful for a wonderful son. Have a beautiful birthday.”

“We are proud to have you as our son. Have a fun-filled birthday.”

“You are the best gift we have received from God. Thank you for your love. Blessed birthday to you.”

“God gave us a son with so much love in him. We thank God for you. Happy birthday.”

“You are a son with so much loyalty and so many gifts. We thank God for giving you to us. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you for being the son you are. We wish you a very happy birthday.”

“You are a child, a boy, a man, but most of all you are a son. God bless you on your birthday.”

“Happy birthday to our son. We love and appreciate you. God bless you.”

“The year has gone by so quickly. Here we are again and you have grown so much. Have a blessed birthday.”

“You are a son that will always be in our hearts. We pray that you have a wonderful birthday.”

What can I write to my son on his birthday?

Sons are special because they are different from girls. This applies to the way we express our love and appreciation to them as well. It is important to write to them with the best birthday wishes for son. See here for some ideas of what to write.

“Dear Son, you have been given to us as a gift. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are. Happy birthday to you.”

“Since we brought you home from the hospital, we knew that you would take your place at the center of our hearts. Be blessed on your birthday.”

“You came, you saw, and conquered our hearts. God bless you on your birthday today.”

“We love you as a very special person in our lives. Continue to be a blessing to all. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you for always being there for your family. You are our anchor and we bless you for it with a special birthday wish.”

“We are blessed to have a son in our family and especially one who has so many gifts. We pray for God’s blessings on your birthday today.”

“Thank you for being our prince. Thank you for being as noble as you are. Happy birthday to you.”

“I hope that all your wishes will come true. Happy birthday.”

“Thank you for being the son that we dreamed of. You are an exceptional child. We thank you, on your birthday.”

“We appreciate the person you have become. You are a stronghold for many. God bless you on this day.”

“Words cannot always express how much we love you, son. We pray that you will remember this day today, tomorrow and forever.”

“The world is a better place with you in it. What a wonderful son you are. Love you on your birthday.”

“You are a son in a million. We love your tenacity and strength. Thank you for being our son. Happy birthday.”

“You are not only our hero but our superhero. We love and adore you. have a swell birthday.”

“Many moons have come and gone but our son is still here with us. God blessed us with a special gift.”

“No matter how old you get, we will still see you as our son – our little boy. Happy birthday.”

“There is only one son in the world who belongs to us, and that is you. We love you more than anything in the world. Have a very happy birthday.”

“You are our only son. You are our joy, our hope, and we are very proud of you. Have a happy birthday.”

“There is very little you can do wrong in our eyes. You have lived an exemplary life and we thank you for it. God bless you richly on your birthday.”

“A son such as you is a gift from the Lord. We thank Him for it. God bless you on your birthday.”

“As you grow and mature, we thank God for the person you have become. You are a blessing to so many. Blessings on your birthday.”

“You are the center of my world. I thank you for your life. Have a great birthday.”

What do you say to a boy on his birthday?

Boys are so different from girls. Many people believe that it is easier to take care boys. However, boys are children, and they do need as much care as any other child. This means that when we wish them we are to make every effort to give them the best birthday wishes for son. Here are some ways to do so.

“Happy birthday to the birthday boy. Have fun today.”

“We hope the world gives you lots of smileys today. have a blessed day, my boy.”

“Thank you for the laughter and the joy you bring to this family. Happy birthday little man.”

“Have a wonderful birthday Superman. You fly as high as you want to.”

“Here is a happy birthday wish to a very cool boy.”

“Thank you for being the best little boy. happy birthday to you.”

“Happy birthday to the most handsome boy on the block. Happy birthday.”

“You certainly are a little boy – cute as a button. Happiest birthday to you.”

“This strong little boy has a birthday today. Have a happy birthday.”

“Happy birthday big, tall and strong boy.”

“Happy birthday baby boy.”

“Happy birthday little adorable boy.”

“Here are my birthday wishes to a wonderful little boy.”

“Happy birthday little prince.”

“Happy birthday, birthday boy.”

“Hope you will have fun on this day.”

“Hope your birthday is filled with much laughter.”

“I hope you will have a big cake and lots of friends at your birthday party.”

“Happy birthday dearest little boy.”

“Happy birthday to the best boy ever.”

“Happy birthday little boy wonder.”

“The best birthday ever for the best boy ever.”

What do you write on a kids birthday card?

Depending on the child’s age, most parents would read their birthday cards. This means that the parent can add some animation to the reading of the card, making it interesting for the best birthday wishes for son. See here for some things to write in a birthday card for kids.

“Today is a special day, little one. Happy birthday.”

“Do you have a birthday today? Happy Birthday.”

“Have a precious birthday today.”

“Have a splendid and joyful day today.”

“Best wishes to the best kiddo ever.”

“Happy birthday, dearest kiddo.”

“This is your special day – have fun.”

“Be happy today – it is your birthday.”

“Lots of hugs and kisses to you on your birthday.”

“The best little guy has a birthday – Happy Birthday.”

“Happy birthday to you, little precious one.”

“Jolly, holly birthday to the birthday boy.”

“Please have a special birthday today, little boy.”

“Have chocolate, have cake, have sweets – it is your birthday after all.”

“Little children have birthdays too and you are a “children” – happy birthday.”

“Balloons and crackers tell you that it is your birthday – have fun.”

“Have a party – it is your birthday today.”

“Hope you get lots of toys for your birthday.”

“The little princes and princesses are coming over to wish you lots of happiness on your birthday.”

“Boys and girls come out to play because it is your birthday.”

“You are the best little boy in the world. Happy birthday to you.”

“Call the elves and fairies, your birthday is here.”

There are so many ways to give the best birthday wishes for son. Some of these are mentioned here, but there are many more. Make use of our list to find the right words to tell someone “happy birthday”.

There are so many words to choose from but even then you can use it to kickstart your own creativity. To find the best birthday wishes for son, you can use our list to give heartfelt words to the little ones and older ones on their birthdays.

It is the most precious thing in the world that can happen to you and your son deserves to get all the love, attention and time of you that he needs. Be there for him and make sure his birthdays are always awesome!

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